Skills on tap

meshirtGenuine cross-media communication experience: From brochures to packaging, apps to TV infomercials, magazine spreads to 30-minute educational radio shows, press releases to pitch documents – and even a conference speech or two – there are few formats I haven’t written for over the years.

Creating for consumers: I always want to make something meaningful, but agency life has taught me to create within a business context. This means spinning information into something sellable by factoring in strategic principles. It also of course means working to brief, working to deadline and working as a team in dynamic open-plan work environments.

Compulsion to create: Actually, I don’t ever really stop, even in my free time. Pop Culture blogging (reviews and opinion pieces), fiction writing, cosplay and web comics mean I am never bored.

Confidence to step up: I’ve done more than simply write content. I’ve also been heavily involved in production, whether it’s casting, advising on set or in the editing suite, and directing voice recordings.  Plus, after 2 years of standing before a room of 35 teenagers every day, public speaking definitely isn’t a problem for me.

Community-minded: I’m fascinated by fandoms and have tapped enthusiastically into the community-building power of social media in my personal capacity. Professionally, I have filled the dual role of copywriter and community manager many times – including once for a high profile South African food brand with 115 000 Facebook Likes and 8 600 Twitter followers. This provided excellent experience at how to diffuse tensions in a public forum.

A sharp eye: Every single job I’ve held included extensive proofreading  and sub-editing responsibilities (spelling, grammar, logic, layout).

Hands-on software experience: Professionally and/or personally I have become very familiar with Office, Photoshop, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook + Analytics and Advertising, Tumblr, Premiere and basic HTML. PLUS I have a general comfort with Content Management Systems.

Languages: I’m a native English speaker, but my proficiency in other languages is as follows: Dutch-derived Afrikaans (advanced), French (elementary), Japanese (beginner).


A detailed CV is available on request.