My narrative pledge

Every writer should have an angle, right? Something that differentiates them in a very crowded market. Something that they’re known for.

I suppose a lot of times this process is incidental. You create, and others choose some kind of classification in their minds for you. However, you can consciously steer your work in a certain direction. You can raise your hand and say, “This is what I stand for.”

My pledge is to produce accessible genre fiction that offers greater, responsible representation for audiences. This applies particularly in the case of women and LGBT experience.


This said, I don’t intend to force issues down people’s throats. ¬†I’m a big believer in “embedding” – that you can still receive¬†message nutrition when it’s mixed in with other elements; when it’s part of the recipe and not the focal ingredient. Sort of like hiding your dog’s anti-flea pill in a chunk of sausage.

People are a lot more receptive to new perspectives when they are couched in something accessible, entertaining and emotionally genuine. It is my goal to create material like this. Credible, fleshed-out characters are at the heart, while the experience is further enriched by the inclusion of history, global perspectives and cultural practices.

World creation from scratch is fun and all, but I find it far more interesting to accompany characters on adventures at the same time as I’m learning about real life events and traditions that have shaped us as a species.

This is what you can expect from my original projects at the very least.